The Cure for All CancersThe Cure for All Cancers (1993) is Dr. Clark’s original best-selling book from 1993 containing her approach to curing cancer. The second revision of “the Cure for All Cancers” introduced the schematic for the Zapper and began the Dr. Clark Zapper revolution which continues to this day. We receive daily reports and testimonials from people all around the world who have been helped by Dr. Clark and her protocol. This is the book that started it all, though some of the information is quite dated now. Because most of this information has been superseded in her new program, we recommend that you buy her latest book “The Cure and Prevention of All Cancersinstead of this book.

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In this book, Cancer can now be CURED, not just treated. We are not accustomed to thinking about a cure for cancer. We think of remission as the only possibility. But this book is not about remission. It is about a cure. This is possible because in 1990 I discovered the true cause of cancer. The cause is a certain parasite, for which I have found evidence in every cancer case regardless of the type of cancer. So lung cancer is not caused by smoking, colon cancer is not caused by a low-roughage diet, breast cancer is not caused by a fatty diet, retinal blastoma is not caused by a rare gene, and pancreatic cancer is not caused by alcohol consumption. Although these are all contributing factors, they are not THE cause. Once the true cause was found the cure became obvious. But would it work? I set a goal of 100 cases to be cured of cancer before publishing my findings. That mark was passed in December, 1992. The discovery of the cause and cure of all cancers has stood the test of time and here it is! You may not have time to read this entire book first if you have cancer and are scheduled for surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment. You may wish to skip the first pages which describe how a parasite and a solvent cause cancer to develop. Go directly to the instructions on eliminating the parasite with herbs (Cancer Curing Recipe, page 19)or with electricity (Zapping Parasites, page 29). After you have stopped the cancer, you can turn your attention to getting well (Part 2). Read the case histories to see how easy it is to stop even terminal cancers (Part 3). Learn from them to avoid mistakes. Does this mean you can cancel your date for surgery, radiation or chemotherapy? Yes, after curing your cancer with this recipe, it cannot come back. This is not a treatment for cancer: It is a cure! But if you do not wish to make your doctor angry, you could follow her or his wishes, too. Be careful not to lose any vital anatomical parts in surgery, though, because you may need them later when you are healthy!” – Dr. Hulda R. Clark, Ph.D, ND