Dr. Clark wrote about the toxic ingredients in soaps and body products, which include commercial soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, laundry soap, etc.  Dr. Clark states:  “Don’t even use soap unless it is homemade soap  . . .” p. 437, The Cure for All Diseases.  There is propyl alcohol in shampoo, PCB’s in health store detergents, etc.  Look at the section Unnatural Chemicals under the Four Clean-Ups section in The Cure for All Diseases.  Dr. Clark recommends Borax powder, white vinegar and baking soda as cleaning alternatives.

We were very excited to begin using the products from Safer Soaps.  The products have been tested as safe with Dr. Clark.  The owner Paul Tima has a passion for families, and providing safe products as non-toxic alternatives to the chemical-laden commercial cleaners.

Safer Soaps is a family company, and we all contribute to keeping small business alive and available when we buy from them.  If you want a safe alternative to homemade soaps, this is it.

ULTRA-SAFE Plus+ Medical Cleanser

No Fumes…No Headaches…


Ultra-Safe Plus+ Medical Cleanser is the ultimate product for your spray bottle.  Use it when cleanliness really matters. We use it in every room in the house, but especially the kitchen and the bathroom.   You can safely spray the toilet, bathroom sink, kitchen sink, counters, and around all your pets.  If I had pets, I would use this product in dusting ledges and shelves for ultra precaution against parasites.

More details you want to know about . . .

Ultra-Safe Plus+ (Medical Cleanser)… with Lechenya Meera is an anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic and non-toxic natural soap formula that is especially useful where cross contamination, insect and parasitic control are critical. It’s a non-toxic powerful cleaner that has been proven to eliminate Gram (-) and Gram (+) bacteria such as; Ecoli, Salmonella, Shigella, Staph and Strep by working in a microbial action. It’s used on dirty hard to clean surfaces and unsanitary conditions such as; animal shelters, daycare and dental facilities, kitchens, medical offices, public restrooms and any other areas where sanitary conditions are required.