12x concentrate, 1 Gallon, Lemon scent or Unscented

This is a great non-toxic detergent for all the moms out there doing their family laundry.

Here are the details:

Ultra-Safe Laundry (All-Fabric Cleanser – Multi-Purpose)… is an anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic* and non-toxic soap designed to be used on a daily basis for all-types of fabric’s. It’s a powerful cleaner that has been proven to eliminate Gram (-) and Gram (+) bacteria such as; Ecoli, Salmonella, Shigella, Staph and Strep by working in a microbial action. It is used in carpet machines to clean dirty rugs, in your dishwasher for dishes, any-type of washer for laundry, and even by hand (MCS Patients) for upholstery. It’s so Powerful…yet so Gentle….even your KIDZ can use it safely.

Ultra-Safe Laundry (All-Fabric Cleanser) is designed to remove bacteria and heavy metal toxins from your fabrics safely. It brightens naturally, is COLOR SAFE and works well on pet odors and stains.