Looking for a way to efficiently unlock the vital nutrients in your food?

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic pressure cooker

One of the best tools we have found for maximizing efficiency and nutrition in the kitchen is the Duromatic pressure cooker made by Swiss kitchenware company Kuhn-Rikon. Dr. Clark warns us to be wary of cooking with aluminum, so we searched far and wide to find a stainless steel replacement for the cast aluminum pressure cooker models of the past. After putting the Duromatic pressure cooker through its paces we can strongly recommend this as an indispensable kitchen tool.

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We use the Duromatic to save time and energy costs while still creating delicious and nourishing food. Since the pressure cooker is a “closed system”, vital minerals and vitamins aren’t lost through transfer into the cooking water or oxidized through contact with the air. Bone broths, hearty soups, quickly hydrating dried legumes and grains can be prepared with a pressure cooker and at a fraction of the time required for traditional cooking methods.

Your grandmother’s old aluminum cooker certainly had its problems, with a finicky valve system that left some guess work with cooking time. But this latest generation of pressure cooker has a state-of-the-art valve system which positively indicates when pressure is reached, thus ensuring consistent results and predictable cooking times.

Finally, your energy bill will thank you for choosing the Duromatic pressure cooker. Pressure cookers in general cook with much higher efficiency than other cooking methods, but the Duromatic in particular has performed at the top of the efficiency ratings amongst all others. With all the benefits of pressure cooking we are sure you will agree that this is one kitchen tool that will help you eat healthier food in a fraction of the time and cost.