Dr. Clark’s Healthy Recipes is one of the featured books of BestZapper.com in our Hulda Clark Action Plan series.

Dr. Clark’s Healthy Recipes book is the DIY dream collection for any of Dr. Clark’s recipes you found in any of her books.  It’s all here.

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“Food As Medicine is not a new concept, but these recipes are!  Whether you are fighting a virus, bacteria, parasite, fatigue, deficiency, or something still unidentified, there are foods that can help.  This book can identify them and make them taste good enough to add to your health regimen.”  from the back cover, Dr. Clark’s Healthy Recipes.

You will find food recipes, beverages, personal care recipes and also recipes for household products.

For example, you will find Oregano Oil Toothpowder on page 128, Bone Healer Tea on page 68, Sauces, Desserts, Dressings,  Beverages, Kill Tapeworm recipe on page 113, three types of Granolas on page 46, and the list goes on.

This book is truly unique and great to have on your shelf for when you really need it.  We recommend this book for the DIY folks out there.