Ozone is a pure oxygen molecule that breaks down organic pollutants. It reacts with contaminants in the air and neutralizes them while leaving no dangerous by-products. The same effect can be noticed after a lightning storm, when the air is noticeably cleaner and fresher.

You can bring the power of ozone into your home with an ozone generator. They really work! We have used them regularly over the past 20 years with great results.  Simply placing the machine next to the odor source will take care of musty cars, basements, pet dander, tobacco smoke, old books from storage, strong cooking smells, and especially anywhere you suspect mold or mildew.  Ozone kills the mold spores directly, so you eliminate the health risk right at the source. If your family is fighting allergies, headaches, or a possible mold situation, it is worth looking into using an ozone machine. 

Typically we have closed off a room and let the machine run for 24 hours.  If we have gone away for a bit, we have run the ozone machine in the house just to kill germs and sterilize the house with confidence.  It is simple to adjust the intensity of the ozone.  We turn it up when nobody is around, but reduce the ozone level when we come back. There is even an “away” function which runs the machine for 2 hours and automatically turns it off before you get back home. 

We recommend the Green Air ozone machine because they have strong customer support. It’s able to ozonate a building up to 3500 square feet which should cover most peoples needs. The additional carbon filter and UV lamp integrated into the unit is a definite bonus and should help keep your air healthy and fresh.

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